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Your 101 On Growing Food To Feed Yourself, Your Family or Community



Thriving Garden Beds with No Water? No Weeding & No Fertilizers? Just Add Grass.

The Grass Fed Garden Offers An Alternative Learning Experience. 

Spend some quality time in the garden with a master, as he shares all his best tips & advice on planting, harvest, storing, transporting & marketing the full array of market varieties.  Through this curated series of interviews and conversations, you will find find wisdom, knowledge, and empowerment.

Break the rules of organic farming commitments & expectations. 
You will learn how to cultivate a lifestyle that allows for the freedom to travel, through Jim's example as he moves with the seasons as a nomadic gardener, following the ideal weather for growing food & living a comfortable life.
Discover Signature Innovations You Won’t See Anywhere Else.  

Grass & soil blocks as the only amendments?  Veggie gardens as front yard landscaping? Challenging the promise of permaculture with annual plantings?  Yes, yes & yes!  We also share other new concepts like "Crops Circle Squash," "Potato Windrows” & other Hugelkultur adaptations.

Affordable Innovations That Help You Get Going Quick

This market farming model does not require machinery, there are no irrigation tool requirements & you don’t even need to own the land.  With only a scythe & a few hand tools, Jim will take you from creating soil to planting & harvesting successfully.  He proudly shares his ingenuity & time-tested methods to shortcut your success with minimal cost.

No Team Is Required To Make This Market Garden a Success.

Jim has been a "One Man Show” for 8+ Years, so all of these techniques can be done solo, and can all be easily scaled to fit any size of production you wish.

You Will Learn Foundations For Any Climate & Preferred Varieties For Market.  

Get the preferred list for the highest demand fruits, veggies, herbs, spices & flowers. This course covers crops that are temperate to cold climates specific, as well as adaptations suited for warmer climates.  

Jim blends ethics with his trusted techniques for a bigger picture.  

Jim Kovaleski is treasured for his carefree presence combined with his rebel ways of challenging the rule books.  Jim shares the 101 on opportunities for income & inspiration on living with purpose when it comes to feeding people.

"Jim has been a pivotal role model for us since 2011 when we first began to grow food.  At the time, we were making far too many mistakes with our early farming practices, so Jim's advice came at just the right moment & helped us beyond measure.  We owe the foundation of our success to Jim's influence & are so excited to see such an incredible offering that can be explored at one’s convenience & pleasure.” 
-Pete Kanaris & Mel Kanaris, Founders of GreenDreams / Creators of This Course

Ethics, Land Use & Rulebreaking

PDC's vs. Learning From Experience, Books & Journaling, Land Leasing, Site Selection & Prep, Plus an Alternative Look at Pests & Disease

Low Tech, Low Cost, No Till, High Yield

No machinery. No irrigation. No compost. No disturbance. Only hand tools & some trusty multipurpose supplies to grow an abundance of veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers & starch crops.

Annual Intensive Production vs. Permaculture

An honest look at why these systems should be blended & which system is really best suited for feeding people.

Signature Planting Methods

Crops circles, "Hugeleskis", Lettuce Grids & other planting guidelines to create the maximum amount of food in the smallest amount of space by interplanting a diversity of species.

Soil Life & Growing Without Irrigation

Creating Organic Matter, The Mighty Microherd, Managing Disturbance: Composition vs. Imposition

How to Scythe: Everything You Need To Know

Proper body form, blade options, field sharpening, peening, outfitting and a low-tech hauling method for moving the green gold into your beds

The Grass Fed Garden: Using the Material

Reducing Weeds, Holding Moisture at root level & providing wormfood, so by feeding the soil life, Jim is nourishing his garden goods, and hence "grass-fed veggies."

Soil Blocks, Direct Sowing & More Headstarts

Soil blocking for the best transplant success, onion head starts, overwintering garlic bulbs, early harvest potatoes, planting for easy harvest & more

Harvesting For Market: Clean. Package. Price.

Best practices for picking, washing & bagging salad greens & peas, bunching greens & root crops, & prepping potatoes, garlic & onions, plus so many more delicious culinary favorites.

Additional Income Opportunities

An invitation to an abundance of possibilities & priceless advice on how branding, bundling & simplifying value can make a big difference in creating balance for a peaceful & relaxed workday.  

Fruits, Nuts & Support Species For Temperate to Cold Climate Food Forests

Raspberry canes planted in woody debris, reclaiming forest edges, apple grafting & wild blueberry opportunities

Bonus: Marketing Supplies & Advice

Pricing philosophies & defining your value, tent + transport supplies that serve more than just one purpose

Who Is This Nomadic Gardener?

Each year, Jim Kovaleski uses the changing seasons to bring balance, joy & a respectable income. His outlook & approaches are considered unconventional, according to modern standards, living what the local & national press has called a 'Nomadic' farmer's life.

Each year in late spring, Jim travels up to a small town outside Eastport, Maine, to grow the most delicious, clean & vibrant food you can find. In early fall, he packs up & heads down to Florida to repeat the same routine.

Jim does not follow the rules. He creates evolving adaptations with a mixture of pure, refined classic agriculture practices like using a scythe, techniques that have been passed along by elder growers, elements from books that have proven their worth, & through the intrinsic insights gained from living with the land in a process of slowing down to hear the earth's subtle hints.

Jim teaches through meaningful conversations based on his long term experience. The insights & techniques he has collected are invaluable, and his natural farming process looks similar to walking meditation. He plants, harvests, prepares, and markets in a way that flows naturally. A person could easily get accustomed to a day job like this  and through this course, you will see exactly how this is all possible. 

Join The Facebook Community

Come connect to a growing bunch of fellow gardeners & farmers to share your own successes & seek advice! We will be sharing updates within the Facebook group, as we film more content with Jim this summer. (This is an open/public group. We also offer a private group link for those who purchase the course that will contain live Q&A sessions)

In this candid showcase of curated interviews and conversations compiled into an instructional online course, you will receive a real-life glimpse into the successful processes practiced by Jim Kovaleski, a true master at his craft. You will enjoy compelling discussions and musings, as if you were right there in the garden with him, with the added bonus of being able to review the entire experience over and over again. 
You will receive insights into the practice and ethics of creating a sustainable market garden that can produce potential income. 
You will learn low-tech + low-input techniques that offer high yields even in smaller spaces, and you you will learn how to do it all with a bounty so beautiful, it could pass for landscaping. 


This collection is expanding & the price will be going up as continually update this timeless content. Upcoming additions include edited footage exclusive to you, additional lesson downloads & live Q&A sessions with Jim Kovaleski & Pete Kanaris.




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Course Introduction
Welcome + Background
Outline + Objectives
Module 1: Foundations
Ethics, Land Use & Breaking Rules
  • On The Subject of Permaculture Education (10:55)
  • How to Get Growing When You Don’t Own The Land (5:00)
  • Permaculture Learning & Suggested Books (9:27)
  • Land Leasing Ethics, Income & Living The Good Life (7:22)
  • Site Selection & Prep (12: 25)
  • Adapting & Challenging Permaculture Techniques (5:27) 
Nature School & Gifts of Presence
  • Pests & Disease As Messengers (5:21) 
  • Sonic Bloom & The Secret Life of Plants (3:11) 
  • Annual Polycultures & Intensive Plantings (5:55)
Module 2: Grass-Fed Veggies
Soil Life & Growing Without Irrigation
  • Philosophies, Presence & Learning From Mistakes (8:37)
  • Soil Life, The Microherd & H2O (4:35) 
  • Fertilizers & Other Amendments? (12:45)
  • Grass-Fed Garden vs. Traditional Organic Farming (11:22)
  • Bonus:Managing Disturbance & Composing with Nature (2:06)
Scythe Life 101 - The Art of Hand Cutting Grass/Hay
  • Love of the Blade: Field Sharpening & Intro (9:05)
  • Scything Demonstration + Pro Tips (9:03)
  • “Grass-Fed Veggies” & Scything For Efficiency (4:51)
  • Scythe Blade Sharpening: Peening (7:10)
  • Scythe Blade Maintenance: The Anvil (10:04)
  • Scythe Blade Care & Maintenance Tools (3:54)
  • The Bush Blade: Scything Woody Brush & Electric Fences (11:19)
Hay Day - Turning Your Green Material To Gold
  • Low-Tech Hay Hauling (6:59)
  • Moving the Hay (7:04)
  • Storing Your Hay in the Field (4:42)
Module 3: Planning & Planting to Feed a Community
Planting the Alliums: Garlic & Onion Opportunities
  • Garlic Scapes & Seed Garlic (3:30)
  • Planting Garlic Bulbs (3:12)
  • Growing Onions & Other Alliums (10: 54)
Soil Block Method For Seed Starting & Signature Grid Plantings
  • Soil Blocks: Mini Mix & Lettuce Starts (12:15)
  • Medium & Large Block Recipe Demo (11:37)
  • Watering Soil Blocks - Seed Selection - Rain Protection (7:45)
  • Custom Intensive Planting Grids (9:00)
  • Planting Soil Blocks: Signature Lettuce Grids (10:49)
  • Gai Lan Broccoli & Other Garden Favorites (4:00)
Crop Circles & Planting in Grassy Mulch
  • Crop Circle Plantings & Hugeleski Squash (11:09)
  • Windrow Potatoes (6:32)
Successful Squash Crops
  • Talking Squash: Seeds, Spacing & Jumpstarts (9:14)
  • Pest Protection Tool for Baby Curcubits (7:14)
Module 4: Harvesting For Market (Cleaning - Packing - Pricing)
Salad Bar Greens Mix
  • Harvesting Salad Mix - Salanova Lettuce (8:48)
  • Harvesting Salad Mix - Loose Leaf Lettuce (7:57)
  • Abundance, Bolting & 2nd Harvests (7:42)
  • Defining Your Value (11:03)
  • Transport Supplies & Pricing (5:34)
  • Bonus: Tools For the Job - Harvest Shears & Garden Knife (1:27)
Harvesting Alliums
  • Garlic Harvest 101 (6:54)
  • Garlic Curing Method (7:58)
  • Garlic Curing Alternative (6:27)
  • Time Saving Tips: Fresh Prep Garlic (10:06)
  • Early Harvest Onions For Market (4:27)
Brassicas, Bunch Greens, Root, Peas & More
  • Bunch Greens - Market Pricing, Packaging & Transportation Tips (5:21)
  • Market Harvest & Prep: Beet Greens & Turnips (6:19)
  • Kale Bouquets & Other Best Sellers (11:20)
  • Harvesting Broccoli & Cabbage for Market (2:56)
  • Harvesting Peas for Market (9:03)
  • Compound Interest Potatoes, Part 1 (8:12)
  • Harvesting Early Potatoes, Part 2 (6:35)
Module 5: Fruits, Nuts & Food Forests For Temperate to Cold Climates
  • Reclaiming the Forest Edge with Raspberries (4:53)
  • Food Forests for Cool to Cold Climates (7:13)
  • Ever Changing Apple Cultivars (5:50)
  • Nut Trees, Plums & Viability to Disease (4:46)
  • Bonus: Diversity Plants for the Food Forest (2:23)
  • Bonus: The Forest Reclaims (4:54)


We share our visit with Jim after winning "Judge's Choice" for his extra large & beautiful onions at the Common Ground County Fair. Here we share that conversation & also talk about the important detail of how he won with no access to water.

Making A Living As a Market Farmer

This clip will give you a replay from our YouTube footage last summer, to offer a better glimpse of the details you will find within the course. Click the link below the video to see the all of our free videos with Jim Kovaleski.




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